Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our holiday house

A rainy Sunday afternoon is making me think how wonderful it will be at Easter time when we head to the south coast to the seaside town of Currarong.

We are renting a beautifully renovated fishermans cottage where we will be just 50mtrs from the beach and most importanly we can take along the 3 fur children!

I can already smell bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen and reading the paper all day on the deck whilst enjoying one or two bottles of Sav Blanc.

Eating way too much fresh seafood is never too much or is taking long relaxing walks along the beach.

And sleeping in late a luxury rarely seen now due to post office life!

Ooooo yes - I can feel the sand under my toes and the smell of the ocean - only a few more months to go.......

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