Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first award!

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise when I opened my blog - the gorgeous Jules from Bushbelles bestowed upon me my first blogging award - Stylish Blogger.

It made my morning and I was so uplifted that someone is enjoying what I am creating! So thank you Jules.

Now I understand that I have to now reveal a few things about myself and award three bloggers that I follow!! This will be fun!!

So here goes.......

I love sleep more than life itself!! Wake me and you will only do it once!

I love Mr George Clooney - or as I call him My George! I see the ladies come and go and know that he is just on a journey to find me!! Who didn't fall in love with him as Dr Doug Ross in ER??

Present my with a big block of Lindt Choccie and I will love you forever. I've been known to down a block in 5 minutes, and then complain of how ill I am for the next hour!
I hail from Bega - not just a brand name but an actual town. Ask husband and he will testify that when I am shopping for cheese, I will make sure that Bega stands out and have been known to "face" the cheese area of our local Woolies!!
I love the mighty Collingwood Magpies and nearly admitted myself to the local hospital after last years (2010) First Grand Final!! We were lucky to come away with a draw and I was on top of the world the next week when we WON!!! WOOHOO!!!
My favourite food is Japaneses and my favourite place to eat in the whole world is Mizuzu's in Albert Park. Mmmmm Sushi! And for takeaway sushi it has to be Sushi Sushi and load it up with pickled ginger!! YUMMY!!!!

I love weddings!! I enjoyed planning my own and I am busting to see what Kate Middleton will wear on her wedding day to Prince William. I will be having a Royal Wedding Dinner Party at my house!! I love all of the small details of each wedding, this makes them unique and special to each couple! I even still have a look at wedding magazines to see what's going on in "Wedding World".

I would also like to award three Stylish Blogger Awards to

Parisandpearls - the prettiest blog I've seen in a while! And one that I have discovered in the last few days!
Annette at Woodgate Beach  - looking at her blog just makes me want to relax and find my bliss.
SallyAnn at A Beautiful Space - Sally-Ann has a style that is just so beautiful and I am so lucky to visit Cottle House every now and then!


Annette Piper said...

Thanks for the award Annie - much appreciated :) Good to get to know you a bit better!

Annie said...

My pleasure!! I love your blog! And it is nice to get to know one another :) Enjoy the rest of afternoon. A xoxoxo

BushBelles said...

I loooove George too and I am also going to host a wedding party for Wills and Kate. I would like to try to have everyone dress in their wedding frocks, I think that would be fun.

Annie said...

Mmmmm George - there is no other man quite like our George!! I'm more than happy to share him with you :) I've already sent out my invites to "a wedding for wills and kate", my girlfriends here were all waiting to see what I would have up my sleeve for their (wills/kate) big day!! You will have to email through some photos of your wedding party :) A xoxoxo

Sally-Ann @ a beautiful space said...

Hi Annie,
thanks for the award, just realized you had nominated me having received one earlier this week. Feeling very chuffed as somehow I can never quite believe anyone reads what I write. Your blog is looking fabulous and I really enjoyed reading about you. Congratulations on your award you deserve it!

Annie said...

Hi Sally-Ann - It's nice to know that other people enjoy what you type! I was stoked to get my first award - really made my day!! Hope all is well at the shop - talk soon Annie xoxoxox