Thursday, January 27, 2011

In A New York State of Mind

I made a promise to myself about 10 years ago - that by the time I was 30 I would have visited New York City....alas I am 3 years past that promise, yet, I often find myself dreaming of walking down 5th Avenue.

There is something quite magical about New York - its stylish, never sleeps, the world waits for "it" to happen in New York and its a place where people come together from all around the world to experience its magic.

I dream of sitting on Carrie's step and I must say my yearning for New York did step up a few paces when SATC came onto our TV screens!

Carries Apartment and that famous set of steps!

I want to take photos from the Empire State Building - and sit there all day and see how the city changes from dawn till dusk!

I will make a promise to myself today - I promise to get myself to New York City before or near to my 40th birthday - still a fair way off - but a goal that I think will be achievable!

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