Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wonderful White Kitchens

Even though Myy White Homestead is still a little way off from being created - I can't help but look at the internet for inspiring Kitchen ideas.

I love the idea of a full white kitchen - with a few accent colours, maybe lime green, red or black - colours that move effortlessly through fads.

I would also like to have a couple of french doors leading out to a courtyard garden or onto a big expanse of green grass.

Over the last few months of 2010 I got spoilt with alot of new kitchen applicances - namely Ruby the red Kitchenaid mixer and a beautiful food processor with attached blender.

So my kitchen will need to have loads of storage space and I want it to be large enough to include a big family dining table.

The heart of a home is its kitchen and that's where most of us spend our days - making dinner, creating cakes or having a cuppa at the table with friends and family.

This one just lets in soooo much lovely light!

Loving to stove

If I was to win lotto - this would be my ideal kitchen!

Mmmmm - Lime Green - it just makes the Kitchen look fresh!


BushBelles said...

Hi, I have just begun following your beautiful blog. We actually live not too far away from each other. I hope its ok if I put your blog on my blog roll for rural blogs. Loving following your ideas and pictures.

Annie said...

Hi BushBelles

So happy that you like my blog - I hope that my blog is enjoyed by many as our dream takes shape. And I am absolutely thrilled that you have popped me on your blog roll :)
Enjoy the rest of your week xoxoxox

BushBelles said...

Hi Annie, I am tagging you for a stylish blog award so enjoy.
Jules (Bushbelles)

Anonymous said...

Lovely kitchens! Thanks for sharing. You've got your newest follower:)

We don't live too far from one another either. I'm on the far south coast - Bega. Look forward to reading more here.

Annie said...

Hiya Jules - that just made my morning!! Thank you so much xoxoxox

Annie said...

Welcome Kim! I was born in Bega!! Hope you enjoy my blog as much as I love creating it! Have a wonderful week xoxoxo