Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My vegie patch

Living at the back of the post office certainly has its up and downs.

One of the biggest is the fact that I can't garden like I used to at our home in suburban Melbourne.

One thing that husband could see that I was missing was a garden, so in the middle of last year and in the deep throws of winter, he dug up a patch of lawn up and created a vegie patch for me.

When the months got warmer I decided what to plant and I have to say my first foray into growing strawberries has been a mammoth success.

Whilst I probably haven't even had enough yet for a punnet, there is nothing more satisfying than tasting something fresh from the garden.

I've also currently got a second round of butter lettuce, four beautiful tomoto bushes that are bursting with fruit albeit green, leeks, zuchinni, baby egg plant and cucumbers on the go along with parsley, basil, tarragon and thyme.

I've also started to plant pumpkin and watermelon!! I hope that these will grow quick enough for me to enter into the local Dalgety Show!! Fingers crossed!

The vegie patch

How many tomatoes can you see??

Zuchinni, Baby Eggplant & Cucumbers

Yummy Strawberries!


Georgie said...

You and I started blogging at almost the same time... congratulations on your award from BushBelles. I look forward to seeing your white homestead (and the post office) unfold. gxo

Annie said...

Hi Georgie, Welcome to My White Homestead. I think you and I are in for quite a journey with blogging! I'm loving the creative outlet and being able to talk to so many other people! I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I love creating it. Enjoy your week, Annie xoxoxox