Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The brilliant photographic stylings of Jeremy Beasley

WOW - this guy CAN take photos.

The Snowy Mountains and Monaro are surrounded by some very talented photographers and I am lucky to know quite a few of them.

I also like to take (try) arty farty type photos but they never seem to have the same appeal of those that actually know what they are doing - but I keep trying and occasionally I take one that I think is pretty good.

Recently I attended a childhood friends wedding in Canberra and have just seen the wedding photos that were taken by an amazing photographer by the name of Jeremy Beasley.

I was really taken by the photos that he took recently of a wedding near Bunyan.

Think vintage, think cute, think relaxed .

The property you’re imagining is over 100 years old and has amazing gardens with roses propogated from as early as the 1500′s!

The garden and surrounds that are captured by Jeremy inspire me to get out the Sony Cybershot and start taking photos of roadside mailboxes!!

I hope Jeremy doesn't mind, but Ive included just three photos that really captured my imagination and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do and will for many years to come....

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