Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When the heavens open

Its just shocking to see how much destruction can come from the heavens.

I can't but feel completely helpless - watching poor families lose all of their belongings, property and stock as the floods sweep through south east Queensland.

The amount of water that has gone through Toowoomba has to be seen to be believed and I pray for those families who now have missing family members and many prayers for those who have passed away.

Being Australian's we will look after each other - that's what makes us unique - the ability to come together in times of crisis and hardtimes.

I lived in Melbourne during Black Saturday (7 Feb 2009) and it was so amazing to see the amounts of food, clothes, furniture etc come from all over Australia to assist with the rebuiling of people's lives, homes and businesses, and its so wonderful to see that same effort coming again for those affected by the floods.

Lets hope that the rain stops soon....

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