Friday, January 28, 2011

At The Top of The Best Country in The World - The Land Of Oz!!

Husband decided to take me for a walk on Australia Day - here's the thing....I don't walk just for something to do - I walk to excercise or to give the 3 fur children their excercise.

But - husband decided that it would be nice to take Annie for a walk to the top of Mount Kosciuszko - apparently a popular thing to do on Australia Day.

So seeing my horror at the very thought of doing this walk,  we did the cheats version and drove to Thredbo and took the chairlift to the walk that takes you past the Mount Kosciuszko lookout and then you walk another 4.5k's to the summit.

Well - it was as windy as buggery, hot and the incline worse than doing 45 minutes on a stair master.

Lets just say - I pulled the pin on walking to the summit at the lookout.

BUT - I must thank him for taking me to an area of our magical country that I had never been before and for taking me somewhere where I could take pictures of some of the best scenery in the world.

We do live in the lucky country and it appears I am lucky to have a husband that takes me for walks up moutains!!

Husband on top of OZ!!


BushBelles said...

It is the top of the world up there. Awesome

Annie said...

It certainly is an amazing place to look at - even if I did only get to the lookout :)

Annette Piper said...

Ahhh, memories! We went to the Snowy's for our honeymoon and one of the things we did was to climb to the top of Kosciuszko. We had to walk further though - we left and returned to Charlotte's Pass. It was about 16km round trip and I was completely exhausted. There was still a little snow at the time (Nov) and it was cool and the views so beautiful. Thanks for taking me for a trip down memory lane (it was 21 years ago!).

Annie said...

Naww - what a fabulous place to have your honeymoon!! Husband has hinted at doing the longer trip but I dont think he will get me across the line!! hae a good week A xo