Monday, January 24, 2011

Aussie Aussie Aussie - Oi Oi Oi!!!

Can you believe that it is nearly Australia Day again?

I've been sitting here this morning reflecting on the Oprah shows that showcased our beautiful country and the millions of wonderful people who call Australia Home.

It also made me start to think what makes us unique....So....I have compiled Annies Top Ten of Things That Make Australia Great!

LAUGHTER - We have the inate quality to have a good laugh at ourselves!

SPORT - We love our sport - I consider that we are the greatest sports lovers on the planet - be it cricket in summer or footy in winter - if there's a sport out there and Aussie's are participating We Love It!

SUPPORT - When the going gets tough, we band together. Through fire and flooding rain, we know how to help each other out no matter how big or small the job is! After all "She'll be right mate" is often heard!

FRIENDLY - We are the worlds best friend. Most of the worlds countries (well the ones that we aren't at war with) consider our country to be a friend. That makes me proud as punch!

VEGEMITE - We love Vegemite! It stinks but somehow our mums and dads spread it on our first bit of toast as kids and we are hooked! In fact - Im going to have some now!

HOLIDAYS - We will drive hour after after, kilometre after kilometre to have a holiday.  Only to turn around and do the same drive home! We embrace our public holidays with much love! And love them even more when they happen to call on a Friday or Monday!

THONGS - Well I know that I live in them - even in the post office!! Only in a country as great as ours could we invent an item of footwear that somehow manages to stay on our feet made out of rubber!!

MELBOURNE CUP - Only in Australia would we all stop what we are doing to watch 30 or so horses run around a race track for 3 minutes every November.

BEACHES - We are surrounded by them and obviously if they made this list than they are also the best in the world - favourites of mine include Tathra, Port Melbourne, Little Beach near Albany in WA and Hyams Beach.

GDAY - I recently heard someone say to me that we (aussies) don't say G'Day anymore which horrified me to the core - come into the post office and you will hear me say G'Day on entry and HooRoo on leaving!! I'm so proud of our unique sayings and I hope that over the years to come, that they are still used often and not forgotten!

It will be interesting to see if any of you our there can add to the list - and let's be honest - in a country as great as ours - there has to be way more than 10 things that make our country great!


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