Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tis French - of course!

I love Louis XV Bodine Arm Chairs - all though I simply call them French chairs.

They simply add a little peice of granduer to any room - you could add one of these little beauties to your laundry and instantly add a bit of glam not to mention a great place to sit after you do your ironing - very Marie Antoinette!

I've been looking at purchasing two of these chairs for quite some time but now living in the back of the post office room is at a premium and there is no way husband would allow me to add more chairs to my growing population of clearance sales purchases.

I envisage that My White Homestead will feature at the very least two of the Louis XV Bodine Arm Chair's - one in our bedroom is a must and another in the formal lounge or as my nanna used to call it "the good room"!

I love ones that feature gorgeous fabric - they then become a style peice to livin up a room - Ive added a few to show you all today!

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