Friday, December 31, 2010

Beautiful gardens in and around the Snowy Mountains

Despite being such a dry and sometimes arid environment, the Snowy Mountains and the Monaro play host to some of the most beautiful gardens around.

Two that spring to mind are Kelton Plain and Coolringdon - both sit between Cooma and Berridale and to put it simply - they are stunning gardens.

Whilst I am yet to be invited to either gardens, a close friend does know the owner of Coolringdon and I hope to be able to have a look around the garden in 2011.

Both of the gardens have water features which in this climate certainly assists in the natural cooling of the area around homesteads.

I think water should take a role in any garden no matter what size or shape it may be - the number of small manufactured water features available in today's market is never ending.

The first owners of these properties and gardens have certainly left a beautiful legacies not only for future generations to enjoy, but all of us.

Kelton Plain - photo by Trish Dixon

Kelton Plain - photo by Trish Dixon

Kelton Plain - photo by Trish Dixon

Coolringdon - photo by Trish Dixon

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