Thursday, December 23, 2010

A garden is not a garden without an urn or two.....

Once we purchase our parcel of land - I hope for at a minimum of 10acres - we will plant and start establishing trees - silver birch - poplar  - eucalypt, and I hope that these will grow up to be big and shady so that I can establish secret hidden garden pockets that feature Garden Urns.

I find nothing more stylish for a garden than a beautiful garden urn - sandstone are my favourite and I notice now that you can buy replicated sandstone urns that are light weight but look like the real thing and this would make them perfect to move around a garden.

We featured two large urns on pedastools at our wedding back in 2008 and I just love them - these werre very light weight and were moved around from our wedding site to our reception area in no time.

I love to see them filled to the brim with beautiful flowers, standard roses, tall leaved structured plants - even when they are empty and used simply as a garden ornament - they are still lovely.

I found these the other day from an English auction site - Hartleys - I wish I was there to be able to have a bid!!

Wedding Urn - stunning!

Our urns at our wedding

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