Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Fat Birds

I love them - however they come.

Ceramic, Pewter, Rusted Metal, Porcelain, Wood ....its doesn't matter, if I find them, they manage to come home with me!

My obsession started when I lived in Melbourne and I bought one due to the fact that is was cute.

One soon turned into two and now they are starting to surround the post office residence in mass abundance!!

I've even started to buy hand painted cards and book marks that feature the cute little things.

They have livened up our buffet where about 9 of them have made home and friends have started to buy them for me as well - is my love for little fat birds becoming too much??

I want these!

my birdies!!


Tina said...

Your love for little fat birds could NEVER be too mcuh Annie:D I love your collection! Can't wait to see it grown even more :) ~ Tina xx

Annie said...

Husband is terrified of the thought of more little birds invading the post office residence!! But alas - they will :) Axx