Friday, December 3, 2010

Our office/study - the creating begins

When we first moved into the post office residence there was a reasonable amount of room for our desk to be placed.

This happened 8 months ago, and ever since has been the dumping ground of everything - from work papers, to old wine boxes to dog toys.

Last week though I was inspired to create a workstation where we both could work and enjoy so yesterday I bought some decorative architrave, black board paint and a small pot of white paint to start the transformation.

I hope that these photos will insprire me to create a relaxing and studious place for us to use.


Annette Piper said...

I didn't see this post earlier- I love the concept of the top photo and the idea that you can close the doors and hide it away. But the 3rd pic is terribly elegant, so I'm not sure which is my favourite. We badly need to get our workroom sorted - I periodically start... then stop! How is yours proceeding?

Annie said...

Very slowy - I have all of the things I want to do to it - but its a matter of taking a lid of a tin of blackboard paint, getting some nails and glue for the skirting boards that I am going to use as a frame - and slowly throw away years of paper! I get inspired to do it and then somehow distract myself. NOTE TO SELF: Finish study area before Easter! Enjoy your weekend Annette xoxo