Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making something old new again

When we get around to building My White Homestead, I hope to use many recycled pieces of unique and old building materials.

It seems very much in vogue at the moment to search high and low for those amazing pieces from the "old days" when most things were built to last  and  this must really be the case as many recycled building suppliers are popping up everywhere.

I continually look at what's on offer on a few different web sites and get excited when I find something that I can place in my "imaginary white homestead"!!

Today I found entrance doors - I want to buy them - but know that by the time we build our home that I will have found another 200 entrance doors that I just have to have!!

Now off to find that unique door knocker to go with them!!

The current dream Entrance Doors!! I can even see large sandstone urns sitting either side of them!!

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