Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life in the Snowies during Winter....

Is Busy. Cold. Energising. Vibrant. White.

2011 saw my first Snowy Mountains season as a new resident to the area.

I had hoped for snow in our town during winter but alas only saw a few minutes of snow on two days which was most disappointing.

This season started our terribly with many of the businesses relying on the trade brought on by the snow putting staff off by early July, but on one very chilly winters day, the mountains got a massive dump and I pursuaded husband to "take me up the mountain".

Here are a few photos of that day trip - albeit quick and cold - I tried to capture the blizzard like conditions up at Perisher and Thredbo.

The weather of the last week has seen me dive back into my cupboard and grab out a few winter woolies as well as lighting our fire and it feels just like winter again.

Near Sponners @ Perisher

Dinner Gap

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