Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are you feeling the love?

So today is Valentines Day!

Have you received anything yet??

Well I sit on the fence with this day - I don't dislike it BUT I do have issues with people thinking that they have to buy their loved one a gift and spending too much money!

Husband will come home today with flowers & I will make him a card - and that's about it.

People say "its so commercialised" and I tend to agree - it appears that the "American" factor does play a part in people thinking that they have to do some over the top declaration of their love on this day WHEN if fact you should do it every day.

So today - do what you feel YOU need to do - if its nothing, fine, if you want to spend a gazillion amount of money on 2 red roses, fine but remember that having someone to love and to love you back today is the greatest gift you can get!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New obsession

is looking like Coffee Sacks!

I love a local coffee shops Skinny Latte's and have been known to drive into town just to grab one and come back - its about a 40km round trip but so worth it......hang on - sidetracked.....

Yes - coffee sacks - so when I was getting a coffee on Saturday morning I was that the owner was selling her emptied coffee sacks for $5 each and I grabbed a handful.

Whilst I still have no idea what on earth I am going to create with them, Pinterest is filled with great ideas and I can see atm three old chairs that are in desperate need for an Annie makeover and probably going to be meeting a coffee sack soon.

So these are some of the chair idea's that have sparkled the arts n crafts bug in me & I'm headed to making some vintaged styled delights ......

Friday, February 8, 2013

Its all style baby......

Country Style that is.

Gosh I love this magazine - here are a few of my fav images from this months edition - hopefully they will move you into a happy and restful weekend.


Finding it impossible to ..........

sit still and let myself heal.

Last Friday I had an operation in Canberra and have been finding it difficult to remember how to sit, sleep and rest so I could be in the Post Office today.

My operation was a success but has now led me to have another soon - it's a private matter, and I am ok, but the reason for my post is for me to sort through the anxiety of knowing how to relax & who on earth can sit and watch the crap that is on TV during the day - UGH!!!!

I'm someone that needs to keep busy - a tiny bit OCD - a real clean freak & this week I have found that dear Husband has the skills needed to keep our little house and post office running smoothly.........

I'd like to send out a big shout out to him - you did well deary - very proud of you :)