Friday, July 20, 2012

Anyone for a steel horse

A local artist by the name of Gary Rae has started producing these amazing animals made of polished steel and they are certainly beautiful.

After creating a few for the local Cooma Show he is now being commisioned to create many different animals including dogs and sea gulls and so many more horses.

We are going to get Gary to create a bit of a tourist attraction outside the front on the post office and have asked him to see if he can create a giant Kangaroo!! Will keep you posted on its birth!!

One horsey and dog in their "float"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Serious Girl Crush.....

and its with Asher Keddie!

Well it's probably more like Nina Proudman and her wardrobe and house but at the end of the day its Asher we are all falling head over heels for we just haven't realised it yet.

Its not even been 24 hours and I am already having serious Offspring withdrawals and am still amazed at the number of my friends that have only recently discovered the series - seriously - what have you been doing.......

Oooooo the clothes - those boots - the hair - the scraves - and even the satchels - I could go on and on about her styling.

Don't ever change Nina ........ er Asher!! LOL

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Behind the door......

Which door did you prefer??

Dale & Sophie

Mike & Andrew

Brad & Lara

Dan & Dani

Anyone fancy a ......

cute egg cup to have their morning googgie out of?

Aren't these just delightful and would certainly make me want to eat my fair share of hard boiled eggs in the morning as opposed to my poached ones.

I think its wonderful to see the egg cup coming back into vogue with such terrific patterns and arty farty type graphics being placed on them.

These egg cups are from Mozie, Emerald & Ella & Make International - how cute is the egg cozy??

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Look who I met!!

And they were just the nicest people you could meet.

I went to Melbourne last week to see Lady Gaga (brilliant show BTW) and on the Friday afternoon after a day's shopping on Bridge Road, we (my bestie Eliza) drove over to my old neighbourhood (Albert Park) and had a look at the 2012 Block houses.

They were lovely - and to top it off - I got to see the little renovated house and got to meet Brad (eventual 2012 winner with lovely Lara) and those cheeky lovable brothers Mike & Andy.

Knowing what these houses looked like when I lived on Bridport Street and being a frequent visitor of O'Connells for dinner, this area now looks wonderful and the buyers will really enjoy the area - I miss it terribly, especially my Sunday morning visits to the South Melbourne Markets.

So a big shout out to the 4 groups that contested this years Block and I will not be entering into the 2013 competition despite my bestie declaring we will be.......not on you life Eliza xo