Friday, December 16, 2011

Loving Ginger Jars

I've been on the look out for ages for some unique and colourful ginger jars.

In town this weekend there is a massive clearance sale - yes I know - another one!!! where I know there will be a few very old ginger jars needing a new home.

The clearance sale is the estate of a lady named Lily Constance and she passed away earlier this year just after her 100th birthday.

I also say two gorgeous jars in the latest edition of Country Style magazine, January 2012 on page 51 from Ada & Darcy so I have already jumped online to have a look at their website too!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Action on the back porch!

We did a massive clean up last weekend and I got Husband to remove all of his blind and curtain business paraphernalia from the back verandah.

The end result had us both sitting back admiring our hard work and that Husband must at all times move his "stuff" to the shed that I bought him last Christmas.

The pansy's are flowing out of their hanging baskets, two new English Box are sitting at the door whilst the poor little Lobelia's struggle to get established.

We have not really had any warm weather yet in the snowies which may account for some of my flowering seedlings taking their time to get established.

Loving these rooms

I was just scrolling through the Australian Home & Garden website and came across these stunning rooms.

Getting really toey about moving into my white homestead - the dream just never seems to get any closer, which for me, is a real pain.

However, in the meantime I can sit here and imagine myself in each of these rooms - relaxing and dreaming....