Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreaming of a Cool Pool

Holy Dooley - the Monaro is sizzling today - and alas I would also say heading straight back into drought :(

Even though the Post Office is air conditioned, I am still dreaming today of a cool place to go for a quick dip followed up with lovely non alcoholic cocktail!!

Keep cool today everyone and keep an eye out for smoke - just in case!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful Country Bathrooms

When we build My White Homestead, I have been promised that I will get a large luxurious bathroom - one where I can drop down into a big deep bath tub and relax!

I found a few tubs this morning - makes me want to fall into one right now!

I'd like the bathtub to be freestanding and become the feature of the room, but it has to be big and deep.

I'm not exactly sure yet what style of bathroom we will have but it will come down to two - ultra modern or modern country and it will feature lots of  Ecoya candles, fresh cut flowers and big fluffy towels!!

At The Top of The Best Country in The World - The Land Of Oz!!

Husband decided to take me for a walk on Australia Day - here's the thing....I don't walk just for something to do - I walk to excercise or to give the 3 fur children their excercise.

But - husband decided that it would be nice to take Annie for a walk to the top of Mount Kosciuszko - apparently a popular thing to do on Australia Day.

So seeing my horror at the very thought of doing this walk,  we did the cheats version and drove to Thredbo and took the chairlift to the walk that takes you past the Mount Kosciuszko lookout and then you walk another 4.5k's to the summit.

Well - it was as windy as buggery, hot and the incline worse than doing 45 minutes on a stair master.

Lets just say - I pulled the pin on walking to the summit at the lookout.

BUT - I must thank him for taking me to an area of our magical country that I had never been before and for taking me somewhere where I could take pictures of some of the best scenery in the world.

We do live in the lucky country and it appears I am lucky to have a husband that takes me for walks up moutains!!

Husband on top of OZ!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

In A New York State of Mind

I made a promise to myself about 10 years ago - that by the time I was 30 I would have visited New York City....alas I am 3 years past that promise, yet, I often find myself dreaming of walking down 5th Avenue.

There is something quite magical about New York - its stylish, never sleeps, the world waits for "it" to happen in New York and its a place where people come together from all around the world to experience its magic.

I dream of sitting on Carrie's step and I must say my yearning for New York did step up a few paces when SATC came onto our TV screens!

Carries Apartment and that famous set of steps!

I want to take photos from the Empire State Building - and sit there all day and see how the city changes from dawn till dusk!

I will make a promise to myself today - I promise to get myself to New York City before or near to my 40th birthday - still a fair way off - but a goal that I think will be achievable!

Nan's Tomato Sauce Recipe

My Nan - Marge Simpson (yes you all read right), makes the most delicious Tomato Sauce and with my beautiful tomato plants full of fruit - I thought it would be a great idea to make some sauce.

The only trouble is - my tommies are yet to turn red - BUT - since I have her recipe, I will share it with you all.

Nanna Marge's Delicious Tomato Sauce


3.5 kilo tomatoes
2 tbs garlic - chopped finely
6 cups sugar
6 cups vinegar (white)
1 tbs cloves - tied in a muslin bag
3 large cooking applies (granny smith)
1 tbs ground ginger
1 tbs pepper (black or white)
1 tbs mustard powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1tsp cayenne pepper
2 tbs salt


  • Slice tomatos & apples
  • Boil together with chopped garlic in a large saucepan
  • Boil until tender
  • Strain through a colander into a large bowl
  • Place strained tomatos, garlic and apple into your large saucepan
  • Add rest of ingredients to saucepan
  • Simmer on low heat for 3 hours - don't forget to stir every now and then
  • Whilst hot/warm, pour into bottles and let cool.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Aussie Aussie Aussie - Oi Oi Oi!!!

Can you believe that it is nearly Australia Day again?

I've been sitting here this morning reflecting on the Oprah shows that showcased our beautiful country and the millions of wonderful people who call Australia Home.

It also made me start to think what makes us unique....So....I have compiled Annies Top Ten of Things That Make Australia Great!

LAUGHTER - We have the inate quality to have a good laugh at ourselves!

SPORT - We love our sport - I consider that we are the greatest sports lovers on the planet - be it cricket in summer or footy in winter - if there's a sport out there and Aussie's are participating We Love It!

SUPPORT - When the going gets tough, we band together. Through fire and flooding rain, we know how to help each other out no matter how big or small the job is! After all "She'll be right mate" is often heard!

FRIENDLY - We are the worlds best friend. Most of the worlds countries (well the ones that we aren't at war with) consider our country to be a friend. That makes me proud as punch!

VEGEMITE - We love Vegemite! It stinks but somehow our mums and dads spread it on our first bit of toast as kids and we are hooked! In fact - Im going to have some now!

HOLIDAYS - We will drive hour after after, kilometre after kilometre to have a holiday.  Only to turn around and do the same drive home! We embrace our public holidays with much love! And love them even more when they happen to call on a Friday or Monday!

THONGS - Well I know that I live in them - even in the post office!! Only in a country as great as ours could we invent an item of footwear that somehow manages to stay on our feet made out of rubber!!

MELBOURNE CUP - Only in Australia would we all stop what we are doing to watch 30 or so horses run around a race track for 3 minutes every November.

BEACHES - We are surrounded by them and obviously if they made this list than they are also the best in the world - favourites of mine include Tathra, Port Melbourne, Little Beach near Albany in WA and Hyams Beach.

GDAY - I recently heard someone say to me that we (aussies) don't say G'Day anymore which horrified me to the core - come into the post office and you will hear me say G'Day on entry and HooRoo on leaving!! I'm so proud of our unique sayings and I hope that over the years to come, that they are still used often and not forgotten!

It will be interesting to see if any of you our there can add to the list - and let's be honest - in a country as great as ours - there has to be way more than 10 things that make our country great!


Friday, January 21, 2011

My favourite time of the month....

Is when my husband announces in the post office during the morning mail sort - "Country Style is here"!!

"Woohoo" is my normal response, followed by the happy dance which is me jumping up and down and exclaiming how beautiful the cover is!!

I love Country Style and only started reading it in November 2009 when I realised I may have to refamiliarise myself with country life since we were moving back to the country from suburban Melbourne.

I have to man the counter today in the post office - but - I will have a wonderful day because its my favourite time of the month!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first award!

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise when I opened my blog - the gorgeous Jules from Bushbelles bestowed upon me my first blogging award - Stylish Blogger.

It made my morning and I was so uplifted that someone is enjoying what I am creating! So thank you Jules.

Now I understand that I have to now reveal a few things about myself and award three bloggers that I follow!! This will be fun!!

So here goes.......

I love sleep more than life itself!! Wake me and you will only do it once!

I love Mr George Clooney - or as I call him My George! I see the ladies come and go and know that he is just on a journey to find me!! Who didn't fall in love with him as Dr Doug Ross in ER??

Present my with a big block of Lindt Choccie and I will love you forever. I've been known to down a block in 5 minutes, and then complain of how ill I am for the next hour!
I hail from Bega - not just a brand name but an actual town. Ask husband and he will testify that when I am shopping for cheese, I will make sure that Bega stands out and have been known to "face" the cheese area of our local Woolies!!
I love the mighty Collingwood Magpies and nearly admitted myself to the local hospital after last years (2010) First Grand Final!! We were lucky to come away with a draw and I was on top of the world the next week when we WON!!! WOOHOO!!!
My favourite food is Japaneses and my favourite place to eat in the whole world is Mizuzu's in Albert Park. Mmmmm Sushi! And for takeaway sushi it has to be Sushi Sushi and load it up with pickled ginger!! YUMMY!!!!

I love weddings!! I enjoyed planning my own and I am busting to see what Kate Middleton will wear on her wedding day to Prince William. I will be having a Royal Wedding Dinner Party at my house!! I love all of the small details of each wedding, this makes them unique and special to each couple! I even still have a look at wedding magazines to see what's going on in "Wedding World".

I would also like to award three Stylish Blogger Awards to

Parisandpearls - the prettiest blog I've seen in a while! And one that I have discovered in the last few days!
Annette at Woodgate Beach  - looking at her blog just makes me want to relax and find my bliss.
SallyAnn at A Beautiful Space - Sally-Ann has a style that is just so beautiful and I am so lucky to visit Cottle House every now and then!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Post Office - 2628

I've had a few questions over the last few days about our little Post Office.

As you all know we are living in the Snowy Mountains of NSW and it has been quite a life change for us - and I must say, a life change for the better.

Both my husband and I grew up in the country but had spent the better part of 10 years living in Melbourne, a city I love and miss but visit often :)

So early in 2009 after a shocking drive into work (my daily trek to work would take on average 2 and a half hours a day, I would drive from the west to the east & back again) and I thought to myself "There has to be a better way to make a living".

I wanted to work to live - not live to work!

So on entering my office, I proceeded to check what business were for sale in my husbands home town and found that the local post office was indeed up for sale!! Yipee!!

We rang through to the agent and over the next 12 months we sold our home in Melbourne, sold my home based business, packed up a house, bought a post office, gained another Jack Russell and moved to postcode 2628!

We have loved every minute of our move and friends from Melbourne often remark how jealous they are of our new found lifestyle! They can see how much the move the country has relaxed us.

We took over the post office on 3 March 2010 and have done some works to improve the look and feel of the post office - lets just say its was a little bit dusty!!

So here are a few photos for you all to see where we are and if you are ever in the Snowy Mountains - call in - everyone does and that's the way we like it!

This photo was taken in September 2009, 6 months before we took over.

November 2010. Husband has transformed the Post Office & now it looks like one!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My vegie patch

Living at the back of the post office certainly has its up and downs.

One of the biggest is the fact that I can't garden like I used to at our home in suburban Melbourne.

One thing that husband could see that I was missing was a garden, so in the middle of last year and in the deep throws of winter, he dug up a patch of lawn up and created a vegie patch for me.

When the months got warmer I decided what to plant and I have to say my first foray into growing strawberries has been a mammoth success.

Whilst I probably haven't even had enough yet for a punnet, there is nothing more satisfying than tasting something fresh from the garden.

I've also currently got a second round of butter lettuce, four beautiful tomoto bushes that are bursting with fruit albeit green, leeks, zuchinni, baby egg plant and cucumbers on the go along with parsley, basil, tarragon and thyme.

I've also started to plant pumpkin and watermelon!! I hope that these will grow quick enough for me to enter into the local Dalgety Show!! Fingers crossed!

The vegie patch

How many tomatoes can you see??

Zuchinni, Baby Eggplant & Cucumbers

Yummy Strawberries!

Wonderful White Kitchens

Even though Myy White Homestead is still a little way off from being created - I can't help but look at the internet for inspiring Kitchen ideas.

I love the idea of a full white kitchen - with a few accent colours, maybe lime green, red or black - colours that move effortlessly through fads.

I would also like to have a couple of french doors leading out to a courtyard garden or onto a big expanse of green grass.

Over the last few months of 2010 I got spoilt with alot of new kitchen applicances - namely Ruby the red Kitchenaid mixer and a beautiful food processor with attached blender.

So my kitchen will need to have loads of storage space and I want it to be large enough to include a big family dining table.

The heart of a home is its kitchen and that's where most of us spend our days - making dinner, creating cakes or having a cuppa at the table with friends and family.

This one just lets in soooo much lovely light!

Loving to stove

If I was to win lotto - this would be my ideal kitchen!

Mmmmm - Lime Green - it just makes the Kitchen look fresh!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Scissors & Glue

Thanks to Tina at Rubies Place - I have done a little bit of art and craft over the last couple of days and have come away with Butterflies in a Frame.

I got the paper online at a store called Pretty Paper and the frame is a find from a trip to Freedom.

I was hoping to find an older antique type frame but they seem to be hiding at the moment!!

Whilst it's certainly not award winning or as stunning as Tina's - I'm proud of myself of getting it completed and am going to hang it in the study area of the post office residence.

I've had it standing in the post office today and I have had a few comments - I'm actually thinking that if I could get my hands on a few cheap frames they could make great cheap birthday presents!

I hope you like what I made with scissors and glue :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tis French - of course!

I love Louis XV Bodine Arm Chairs - all though I simply call them French chairs.

They simply add a little peice of granduer to any room - you could add one of these little beauties to your laundry and instantly add a bit of glam not to mention a great place to sit after you do your ironing - very Marie Antoinette!

I've been looking at purchasing two of these chairs for quite some time but now living in the back of the post office room is at a premium and there is no way husband would allow me to add more chairs to my growing population of clearance sales purchases.

I envisage that My White Homestead will feature at the very least two of the Louis XV Bodine Arm Chair's - one in our bedroom is a must and another in the formal lounge or as my nanna used to call it "the good room"!

I love ones that feature gorgeous fabric - they then become a style peice to livin up a room - Ive added a few to show you all today!

Photo - from

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My new book

Savvy Chic - is exactly as the title describes.

It's a little book by author Anna Johnson on how shop "cheap" without looking "cheap" if you get my drift.

I've been pouring over the pages and finding out so much.

I especially loved the chapter called "Queen of the Fleas - How to buy beautiful old things".

In the course of my dreamings of My White Homestead my husband is often caught off guard by the things that I bring home from clearance sales - chairs, old glass bottles, etc - the chapter is a great insight into knowing what to leave and what really has great value.

If you love a good "girlie" book that has substance and some useful information that you can acutally use - I would recommend Savvy Chic to all and sundry!!