Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So busy - So little time....

I've neglected my blog now for nearly a month and I feel bad about it.

I've had so much on the go atm and have just a few moments to share with you WHY I am not around so much.

Tis the wedding season so I have been to a few hens days etc and the weddings are about to hit us in the next few weeks.

And because I cant get enough of weddings I am holding a VINTAGE BRIDAL FASHION PARADE for a local charity called MCCR (Monaro Committee for Cancer Research) so hoping to make a bit of money for them as we ogle dresses from decades past!

I've been horse riding (never again) and had my 34th birthday which was great fun!.

We went for a weekend trip to Tathra to stay at a friends beach house and spoiled ourselves for a few days - Tathra is my heaven!

I hope you are all well and I will not neglect this long again!!