Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WOOHOO - Annie is New York bound!!

Apparently 2012 was going to be a quiet year at home in the Snowy Mtns - BUT it appears that was thrown out the window on Jan 2 when my sister declared "Sister, are we still going to NYC for XMAS 2012??".

I'd never forgotten that fanciful idea from a few years ago however our lives were certainly so much different than now AND to be honest I never actually thought that we would do it - but after talking to Husband and having had a look at the finances I decided why the hell not.

So this week I have already secured us our flights and now my travel agent guru Jacy is undertaking the massive task of finding accomodation for December 23 through to January 4.

Thats right - we are going to have a White Christmas in NYC and enjoy New Years Eve in Times Square!!!!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We've found the land ......

Now we just need to find the money!!

Some feverish saving has started here so hopefully we can get enough for a deposit in the next 12 months - never fear, land here tends to sell slowly.