Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Frosty Start

Brrrrr - was clearly the right word to start the day today here in the Snowy Mountains.

When I awoke I was still clutching my hot water bottle and desperately hoping Husband had restoked the fire for when I slowly made my way out of the bed.

I'm quite sure that there would have been many fences around looking like this....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Loving.....white floorboards

Ooo la la.....

Loving white floorboards atm and I am really hoping that one of the four couples on The Block considers using them on mass in their renovating....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Im Back from Christchurch But Shaken to the Core

Well I have returned to Australia albeit very shaken and sad for the residents of Christchurch.

I was in Akaroa on Monday for the major 6.3 earthquake and my goodness did I think I was nearing the end of my days.

My little room shook from side to side as I tried in vain to get to the nearest doorway! And then as soon as the shakes subsided I burst into tears!

I endured 40 aftershocks/earthquakes/tremors until I came home with my last one occuring just as I was boarding my Emirates flight back to Sydney.

A friend who is a detective in Christchurch took me through the Red Zone & it really is devastating to see what has happened to peoples homes, businesses and workplaces not to mention the damage done to cathedrals and sporting arenas :(

High Street Christchurch
New Zealand is though a truly beautiful country - the most stunning mountains that I have ever laid eyes on and the people are just so welcoming and warm despite what they continue to go through.

If you get the chance to go over and spend a few days please do it - they need to tourists to make some money and I'll admit there isn't much to do in and around ChCh BUT there is more to NZ then this one city so go on, book a holiday and take in the wonder that is NZ!!

Akaroa the night before the earthquake - stunning!

Arthurs Pass

Friday, June 3, 2011

Off to the land of the Long White Cloud!

Next week I am heading over the New Zealand - on my own - to see my best friend who has just had her first baby.

I'm spending all of my time in the beautiful city of Christchurch and I can't wait to see how the city is rebuilding after the earthquakes of earlier this year!

If I can load them (blog is still so sick) you will all get to see some photos over the next few weeks!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter in the Snowies

Ahhhh - she has arrived!

Winter brings the Snowy Mountains to life in so many different ways and most importantly brings people to the hills....