Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WOOHOO - Annie is New York bound!!

Apparently 2012 was going to be a quiet year at home in the Snowy Mtns - BUT it appears that was thrown out the window on Jan 2 when my sister declared "Sister, are we still going to NYC for XMAS 2012??".

I'd never forgotten that fanciful idea from a few years ago however our lives were certainly so much different than now AND to be honest I never actually thought that we would do it - but after talking to Husband and having had a look at the finances I decided why the hell not.

So this week I have already secured us our flights and now my travel agent guru Jacy is undertaking the massive task of finding accomodation for December 23 through to January 4.

Thats right - we are going to have a White Christmas in NYC and enjoy New Years Eve in Times Square!!!!


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