Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little Prince George

So today the first "unofficial" royal family photos featuring Prince George have been leaked a few hours early via Twitter.

All I can say though is "what a stunning young family" and I'm glad we get to see such natural photos of the young royal family.

The photos were taken at Katherine's family home in Bucklebury by her father Michael and also feature the Middleton family dog, Tilly and Will & Katherine's dog Lupo - so it really was a family affair!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why Patrick?

Yes Ch10 - why Patrick????

Last night in living rooms all over Australia people were bawling their eyes out with the death of much loved Offspring character Patrick :( Ooooooooo the humanity.

I didn't think for a second that they would kill off the father of Nina's unborn child but then it hit me, they will never let the slightly zany character enjoy a fulfilling life long love - the story lines for Nina would probably become boringly normal and the show would more than likely end.

I was hoping that they might kill off Billie - whilst I love Kat Stewart - the character of Billie has gone so off the chart that I cant stand it when she pops up on the television screen and have been channel surfing until she has disappeared.

So how did you fair emotionally last night?

Me - I was a blubbering mess, hyperventilating as Nina drove down Brunswick Street to the nearest hospital - it was a moment in TV I shunt forget in a while.

So I hope all of you that are as devoted to Offspring as I, can move on to next weeks episode with the promise of a little piece of Patrick sitting at Nina's bedside after the birth of their new baby.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

RIP Mother Margaret

Losing a parent is never easy and last Sunday (28th July) my beloved husbands mum passed away.

Although struggling after a fall 6 months ago, her health was ok and her passing was still sudden & certainly none of us were prepared for.

Thankfully husband and I found her, and whilst this was something I hope know one has to go through, I was grateful that it was us that found her and not her elder sister - that's something I fear Nancy would never have gotten over.

It has been a week of tears, tantrums, family reunions, dinners at the pub, loads of fresh flowers and cups of tea filling & spilling in the post office.

We have been moved by the generosity of those around us and those that may not be close to us but loved his mother dearly - this gets you through - the kind words of a stranger retelling stories of a mum passed.

I have mostly found a deep sadness knowing that "Baby Bean" is not going to meet his Grandma but she had already had some gifts put aside and these will be cherished.

We continue to try to run the post office amongst our grief, after all, the post stops for no one, not even a beloved mum, mum in law or grandma.

We will forever miss you Mother Margaret and hope that you have been reunited with your two knights in shining armour.