Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why Patrick?

Yes Ch10 - why Patrick????

Last night in living rooms all over Australia people were bawling their eyes out with the death of much loved Offspring character Patrick :( Ooooooooo the humanity.

I didn't think for a second that they would kill off the father of Nina's unborn child but then it hit me, they will never let the slightly zany character enjoy a fulfilling life long love - the story lines for Nina would probably become boringly normal and the show would more than likely end.

I was hoping that they might kill off Billie - whilst I love Kat Stewart - the character of Billie has gone so off the chart that I cant stand it when she pops up on the television screen and have been channel surfing until she has disappeared.

So how did you fair emotionally last night?

Me - I was a blubbering mess, hyperventilating as Nina drove down Brunswick Street to the nearest hospital - it was a moment in TV I shunt forget in a while.

So I hope all of you that are as devoted to Offspring as I, can move on to next weeks episode with the promise of a little piece of Patrick sitting at Nina's bedside after the birth of their new baby.

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