Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Camping - I survived........


So it rained a bit on the coast but overall the first camp in the tent was pretty good.

We had a great spot - near the camp kitchem but a tad too far from the amenities block for those midnight toot runs and our neighbours (mostly from Victoria) were friendly and mostly quiet!!

The 3 Jack Russells had a ball - played at the beach, enjoyed their walks and seemed to get along well together in the small confines of the Tent Hilton.

On reflection I have said to Dear Husband that we need to buy a proper camping kitchen to store food and electronics to keep little ants at bay!!

So will I camp again - I expect so - as long as I have a flat camp site, access to hot and cold water and a flushing toot - you might see me at a camp ground near you soon!!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Before I disappear on my Australia Day camping trip - I thought I'd share with you one of my boards off Pinterest.

Slightly addicted to this site - gathering beautiful images and sticking them on my boards - I've found that I certainly have eclectic taste, its appears that vintage, flirty with a dash of modern industrial are the things that I love most.

Check out my boards here and let me know what you think

Australia Day & we are going.....


I hate camping BUT this year I decided to take one for the team and suggested to dear Husband that we go to Eden and stay in our tent.

Now our tent is pretty good - two big rooms, you can stand up and has been referred to as the Tent Hilton!!

Last year we spent a few days in the tent Glamping not Camping - iPod Dock, Queen Size innerspring mattress, electricty, hot & cold running water - BUT not this time - we will have a powered site but tonight I am going to attempt to sleep on an air bed!!

This could all go pear shaped very quickly but I'm going to give it my best shot.

The list is getting drawn up today at work so we dont leave anything behind, most importantly packing the three Jack Russell's things seems to be taking priority and there will most certainly be no room in the Subaru XV for any of my essentials, eg hair dryer, hair straightener - you know - girlie things.

I'll let you all know how it pans out!!

O yeah - and everyone - ENJOY AUSTRALIA DAY!! Oi Oi Oi!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just a few more.......



Photos from New York Trip

I've been having a bit of trouble loading photos on the the blog of late, but it appears that it is now working again so I have loaded a few of my favourite snaps from the trip.

Enjoy - grab a cuppa - there are a few







For the love of

Mason Jars - OMG - I love them.

This week I received my order from The Redback Trading Co and I have already filled five with herbs that are now sitting on my kitchen window sill.

The simple fact is - you can use Mason Jars for almost anything.

I love how people are turning them into lighting fixtures and hand soap dispensers, but in the latest edition of Real Living magazine uses them as a vessel to place herbs into.

So on Monday, I ventured into Cooma and bought some Rosemary, Mint, Lemon Thyme, Parsley or Oregano and place them dirt and all into the jars - they look amazing!!

So I have 7 left and I am unsure as to what I will make next with them.....I wonder if I can ask Husband to help me make a light fitting or two.......

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Addicted to......

Mason Jars!!

I just cant get enough of them - I could look at photos of them all day long and what people can do with them just blows me out of the pond!!

After reading the latest edition of Real Living mag, I have purchased 12 of them to see if I too can be a creative creature and make some things to be proud of.

Im not the least bit an arts n craft girl - but Im going to do my best to make something I can be proud of - I was thinking of creating a herb garden with five of them and making lights with the other 7 - one thing I know is that if you do things in odd numbers - it looks good!!

I'll keep you all posted on :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Home from New York

and what a wonderful city it is!

My sister and I had two weeks in the Big Apple with a day trip to Washington and Philadelphia as well - and you would think that in 2 weeks you can see alot - but you'd be wrong.

The city is huge - we stayed in the Upper East Side and didn't even cross onto the Upper West - there is still a half of a city waiting to be discovered by us - so we will have to go back!!

The highlight of the trip was New Years Eve in Times Square - if you have the money YOU MUST book a table at Bubba Gumps and enjoy the night - directly below the famous ball drop area - you will have the night of your life!!

We had lunch for Christmas Day at the famous ice rink at the Rockefeller Centre (smaller than we imagined) and this too was a highlight - we got the table smack bang in the centre of the windows looking out to the rink.

The city is very safe - in fact I walked around by myself many times and never ever felt scared - if you go looking for trouble you will find it - but why would you - New York is a city filled with friendly people and loads of police that love Australians.
I'm a huge believer of WHY NOT? - life is simply too short not to do the things you want to or have dreamed a lifetime of doing.

So do yourself a favour - go on that dream holiday - you are dead a long time - and if you can - do go to New York and enjoy a white Christmas - you won't regret it.

Welcome to 2013

WOWEEEEE - did someone say Happy New Year - where on earth did 2012 go??

So 2012 WAS supposed to be a quiet year for us here in the Snowy Mountains - but alas - it was far from that.

Three weddings, loads of friends having babies, two overseas trips, Dancing with the Cooma Stars, Holden Scramble National Final & we bought the dream block - it was all go go go.

So what lays ahead for 2013 - hopefully a slower pace - a time to take stock of what we have - to take things as they come and to reflect on 2012.

The only thing so far marked on the calendar is Husbands golf trip in March and for the rest so far its free of anything!!

I wish you and your families a safe and happy 2013!