Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting my groove on.......

and apparently practice makes perfect!!

We are now about 8 weeks out from our first perfomance and overall will dance over three days four times.

Our current fundraising mark is $3000 and we are going strong to reach out $10k mark.

I am in the process of organising a couple of further fundraising events to help us boost out fundraising amount and get the community involved with MCCR on a bigger level.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Im going to be a dancer

I have been asked to be one of the contestants in a local event called Dancing with the Cooma Stars!!

ARGH!!!!!!!!! Now really should be the time to tell everyone that I simply can not dance!!

In 2010 they raised $121000.00 for MCCR which is Monaro Committee for Cancer Research and I am just so honoured that they have asked me to have a go!!

So my dance partner and I have started our training and it has so far been alot of fun.

I am aiming to raise $10k myself and I have already been given $2k which just astounds me - people can be so generous!!

If you would like to donate (& I would love it if you did) you can just click here & click on the photo of Luke and I which is at the bottom of the page!!

So the event gets underway on 24 May and we dance for a total of 3 minutes over 4 performances.

I hope I do MCCR proud and that they don't regret asking me to give it a shot!!