Thursday, November 25, 2010

Silver Birch - such a beautiful tree

I love no other tree like I love the Silver Birch!

One of the first things that I will do when we get around to buying some land (a good few years away yet) is to do mass plantings of Silver Birch.

Silver Birch are without doubt my favourite tree with its stunning slender trunk and stunning vibrant green leaves make such a beautiful contrast.

In my dream garden I would love to have a long driveway dotted with silver birch that would lead guests to the white homestead.

They are a truly stylish tree and they look splendid in any garden.

We had two planted in our suburban garden at our home in Melbourne and they just looked so tall and elegant.

Last weekend I attended a wedding at Gold Creek Chapel in Canberra and the gardens that are attached to the chapel were planted out with massive silver birch and they just made the garden all the more attractive.

I think all gardens big or small should plant a Silver Birch!
Mass planting of stunning Silver Birch

They started as tiny twigs & quickly grew to

Another tree that I find stunning is the Poplar.

Often underrated, it also gives off two brillant colour shows throughout the year and even when they are bare in winter they are still stunning trees.

The town where I live is surrounded by Poplars and the highway through town is dotted with them.

From vibrant green at this time of year to the golden colours of autumn, the Poplar is a gorgeous tall tree!


Unknown said...

I'm enjoying your blog Annie, nice idea. I share your love of the Birch tree! I even planted some along our driveway when we had five acres, unfortunately water was scarce and we moved before I saw them grow very much.
Also, have you been out to Foxglove Spires in Tilba Tilba? If not, you must! Beautiful.
Hillside Gardens are beautiful too, they are just out of town so if you haven't seen them keep your eyes and ears open for their open day :)

Annie @ My White Homestead said...

Hi Renea

I have been to Foxglove Spires...albeit a long long time ago - a beautiful garden it a stunning setting!

I hope that a few gardens around the Monaro have open gardens this year so I can see what plants perform well here and start a "homestead nursery" so when we buy a piece of land, I can do some quick planting.