Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The other important baby of 2013

has arrived and is mighty cute!!

Congratulations to William and Catherine on the safe arrival of the Royal Baby.

I must admit on Monday night when I knew of Kate being in labour a big part of me was so worried for her - first baby - all that pressure & myself going through that later this year, but without the worlds media outside the hospital in Canberra!!

Waking to hear that she was well and had delivered a healthy 8 pound baby boy was as much a relief as it was very exciting.

And then to top it all off, getting to see our wee little Prince of Cambridge earlier today was wonderful and to see two such lovely people become parents was, well, lovely!!

So we only have 3 months to go before we too join the Royal ranks and give our little town their very own Royal baby!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Instagram Fav's Part 2

Here are some new fav's that I have posted on Instagram...... I hope you like them too!!

Waiting for the Royal Baby v The Post Office Baby!!

and when I say that I am not implying that MY expectant bub is the royal bub!!

Poor Kate & William, two weeks out from the "Due Date" and journalists have already started jostling for positions and buying every ladder in London in a hope of getting the best & first pics of Kate arriving at the hospital.

Personally I hope she has access to a secret entrance and does not have to enter the hospital in the public eye - it will be bad enough when husband and I make our entrance to Canberra Hospital in mid November - I seriously can not imagine having my pic in magazines and newspapers as I make my arrival and might I add probably looking a bit worse for wear.

Being a first time mum like Kate, I can only imagine what is before us, but unlike Kate, I only have the townsfolk here in Berridale eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Post Office baby!!

PS - did I also tell you that my baby sister is also expecting her first baby  - TWO DAYS BEFORE MINE!!!! LOL