Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Waiting for the Royal Baby v The Post Office Baby!!

and when I say that I am not implying that MY expectant bub is the royal bub!!

Poor Kate & William, two weeks out from the "Due Date" and journalists have already started jostling for positions and buying every ladder in London in a hope of getting the best & first pics of Kate arriving at the hospital.

Personally I hope she has access to a secret entrance and does not have to enter the hospital in the public eye - it will be bad enough when husband and I make our entrance to Canberra Hospital in mid November - I seriously can not imagine having my pic in magazines and newspapers as I make my arrival and might I add probably looking a bit worse for wear.

Being a first time mum like Kate, I can only imagine what is before us, but unlike Kate, I only have the townsfolk here in Berridale eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Post Office baby!!

PS - did I also tell you that my baby sister is also expecting her first baby  - TWO DAYS BEFORE MINE!!!! LOL

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