Sunday, February 6, 2011

Have I Told You All About My Secret Crush??

If you love home design you are sure to know about the man I am about to reveal.

Kevin McCloud.

Kevin and I first met a few years ago via the television and I have been in love with his show, Grand Designs, ever since.

If you don't know the show, HELLO!!! Firstly - what is wrong with you and secondly - go to your nearest tv guide and find out when he is next on the tele, you have simply been missing the most inspiring home design show on the planet.

Kevin's and the courageous home owners have created for me some of the most mind blowing renovations, additions and new home builds that inspire me with My White Homestead.

The human imagination and the way we can push ourselves past conventional design is really put to the test during each episode and time after time I find myself in the "build" with Kevin and his families - the show just brings out the most amazing designs.

One of the most amazing transformations I ever saw was the re built of Hellifield Peel Castle. This show was awe inspiring and every time I see it in reruns still has me sitting in wonderment! What Frances & Karen Shaw did to this ruin will get you through even the smallest of renovations.

The ruined Hellifield Peel Castle

The re build starts and so do the pennies leave their pockets!

As she is today - Hellifield Peel Castle


Georgie said...

I KNOW! I AGREE! He's fab, the show is fab. I remember that episode of Hellifield Peel Castle... the view from that top story is just divine. So clever, and patient! I love the way he builds up each episode so it looks like trouble is brewing or it won't finish or there will be design flaws. But, at the end of each build, he's happy and everyone lives happily ever after too! gxo

Annette Piper said...

Oh yes, I love Grand Designs and that episode had me riveted - the tree growing inside, then wall that fell down...problem after problem. But what a fantastic place afterwards!

Sarah said...

Ha, I love it too! I enjoy that he is always sooooo sarcastic about their plans and then more often than not has to eat his words when the owners pull it all together.

Annie said...

Looks as though Kevin has stirred a few hearts out there!! The man is a god - the houses amazing - and the owners revolutionary! Kevin certainly knows how to tell a story and I hope that he and Grand Designs are around for ever!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday girls! A xoxo