Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Collecting - a good or bad thing?

I have a few different things that I collect - some are starting to get out of hand though :)

The Little Fat Birds continue to swell but they still look happy to sit on our buffet without making a move to other parts of the post office residence.

A new thing that I have started to collect is old bottles.

I love the colour of the glass from days gone by - the way the bottles have writing worked into them and no matter how much you clean them - they still want to hold onto the dirt of years gone by.

I have three green bottle sitting on the window sill and I am hoping to fill them with blooms as the year passes although I think they may wilt from the warmth via the window.

Anway - there is another large clearance sale on in the Snowy Mountains this Friday and I am yet to seek permission from Husband to attend - he knows that I will come home with more stuff  - more bottles, more ammo boxes, more chairs and heaven help me if I come home with more fat birds.

Which leads me to ask you all - Is there something that you love to collect??

 Bottles, Bottles everywhere!!


Georgie said...

It's good, it's absolutely good! I too love old bottles, milk bottles, jam jars, any glass... just ask Mr SJW. I even buy those little Italian soft drinks from the supermarket and keep those bottles! Happy hunting... gxo

Annie said...

Cool - I just hope it doesn't get out of hand - my collecting that is :) havev a good week xoxo