Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Farmer Wants A Wife - Returns to tele tonight

WOOHOO - another season of watching boys and girls match up for life together on a "farm".

I use the term "farm" loosely due to the fact that the series seems now to be made purely for ratings, getting extremely good looking farmer to enter (???) and somehow glamourising the farming life - I think the show may have lost a little bit of its soul.

But - I will watch Natalie and her farmers - hopefully they will all find love and the wife/husband contestants haven't just entered for 15 minutes of fame, then go on and break a heart when the realise "farm life is not for me"

Farmer Nick  - Age 26 - Victoria

Farmer Charles - Age 32 - NSW (cute poochies)

Farmer Keiren - Age 24 - NSW

Farmer Ben - Age 33 - SA

Farmer Melia - Age 30 - WA

Farmer Mark - Age 27 - QLD


BushBelles said...

I too will be sucked in but agree that it has lost some of its appeal. Happy viewing.

Annie said...

I'm on my own tonight (husband away for work) so I am going to get in the pj's early, grab some freshly popped pop corn and settle in for some farmer heaven!!