Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A fellow fat bird lover

A favourite blog of mine - Rubie's Place - has just completed a little project on creating some beautiful little fat birds.

They look fabulous - I don't think there is anything that Tina has done that I haven't fallen in love with and her blog is a scensory delight, and I'm totally in love with these little white birds!!

I love the way that she took the time to paint them white - I would have just left them the way they were!! She is just a magician!!

Check out her little fat birdies here! Fat Bird Project


Tina said...

Hi Annie:) You are just the sweetest! Thanks for your lovely words and blog love!! Great to learn about a fellow fat bird lover :D Am off to find your earlier post on birds! Wish I was a magician, would love for dinner to magically appear on the table tonight ;) Hugs to you & thanks so much again ~ Txx

Annie said...

If I ever get three wishes in life it will include a live in cook/cleaner :) I was just so excited to see a post about birdies - it made my Wednesday so much brighter :) Ax