Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Show - How Did I Go??

Well  - not very successful I'm afraid.

For some reason my Banana Cake and Carrot Cake (both previous winners) didn't cook through.

Not sure what happened as the Date Loaf and Chocolate Cake were fine!! I have my suspicions that mum came in and turned off the oven but that's a whole other story!!!

BUT - in good news - My GREEN TOMATOES WON!!! Who would have thought!

So here is a pics of my tommies - very proud of them - and for the record ALL of the cakes have been devoured by customers in the post office!!

I'll be back next year Dalgety!!


Georgie said...

Commiserations and congratulations! gxo

Sally-Ann @ a beautiful space said...

Congratulations on your tomatoes Annie!

BushBelles said...

Well done