Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gotta Love A Clearance Sale!!

Many of you will be aware of my addiction to clearance sales - in the country they are always filled with lots of goodies, a chance to catch up with family and friends and you get to take home the most quirky peices.

I would like to introduce you to Elizabeth - a bowls bag - whose owner - Mrs Elizabeth Eccelston passed away late last year and I have now become the very proud owner of her bowls bag (pls excuse the dirty state she is in).

I love it - Husband hates it!! Anyway - she is in pride of place on my fav chair - another clearance sale find!!

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Georgie said...

Ah yes, we too have an old bowls bag although this one was inheritance from Mr SJW's grandmother. Heavy as lead and I guarantee will never get used but it was hers, so it remains! Georgie x