Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For Me.....Really???

Yesterday I attended the Snowy River Shire Council's International Women's Day morning tea.

I met some fabulous ladies including Senator Ursula Stevens who really has set my head racing with ideas to celebrate and embracing what we girls do!!

During the morning tea though I was singled out for the work that I am currently doing by establishing a Business Women's Dinner in my little town.

I thought know one knew who I was!

The ladies from Westpac found my dinner idea as fabulous and it's formation presents a wonderful opportunity for business women in my town to be able to network and have fun whilst acknowledging how fabulous we are as business women.

I was presented with a book called "The Power of 100" which was released yesterday by Westpac and celebrates 100 amazing Australian Women who have made a contribution to the way we are today.

"It's time to ignite the passion for future generations of women and girls to achieve their ambitions,
both personal and professional." 
Gail Kelly, CEO.

So I had a wonderful day yesterday and I urge you all to go out to your nearest Westpac branch and grab your own copy of the book - its truly inspiring!!

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BushBelles said...

Congratulations, I bet you are so inspired now to follow your ideas. Well done.