Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'd Like To Introduce to You.....

My Three Fur Children!

I'm acutally surprised that I have not done this earlier.

So from the top we have Matilda, then Charlie and our latest addition Bowie.

Matilda and Charlie are twins and come from Tatura in Victoria, they will be 5 in October and Bowie came to live with us when we bought the post office last year and in a few weeks he will turn 8.

They are Jack Russell's and as such are little barrels of energy and fun and not to mention the most loving little pooches you could hope to have.

All three are much loved additions not only to our family but to the whole community with them all playing a part in post office operations each day!!

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Georgie said...

Adorable! I had a Beau growing up who looked a lot like your Bowie. He was a corgi, kelpie, cattle dog cross... odd mixture but the loveliest dog you'd ever meet... sniff...! gxo