Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its Show Time!!

The ingrediants have been bought.

I've lodged my entry form.

The eggs have been stockpiled.


Dalgety Show to be exact and I am so excited.

I entered about 10 cakes last year and had some success, but this year I have cut back on the entries so I don't have a repeat of the 2010 cooking nervous breakdown!!

So 2011 will see me try to defend my Date Loaf title and try to improve on my second placings for Banana Cake and Chocolate Cake and I have two new entries - Carrot Cake and in the produce section - Green Tomatoes!!

So all in all my Saturday will be filled with eggs, sugar and flour and Sunday will be filled with the anticipation of seeing my efforts on display and maybe with a ribbon.....or two!

Still makes me giggle - look how flat she was!!! I'll be doubling the mixture this year!

The cake didn't make it back home - was eaten by family and friends at the Dalgety Pub that night!


Georgie said...

I have a new appreciation for that 'cooking nervous breakdown' and I only entered scones. GOOD LUCK! gxo

Annette Piper said...

Coolah doesn't have a show anymore but there are a number of surrounding ones - I'll be off to Dunedoo and Mendooran Shows in a few weeks time and I love to look at the cooking and photography!

BushBelles said...

We have Delegate Show tomorrow and this year I will enter, I will, (my cooking breakdown happens even before ingredients are bought!)