Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where to Build?

The town in which I live is surrounded on four sides with four unique landscapes and when wondering where to build MY WHITE HOMESTEAD I really am quite perplexed as where she should go.

I love the high country and am drawn closer to the Avonside area each time I drive past but during the winter ski season I can see potential problems getting onto the highway and back into town - no matter what time of day.

Whilst a drawback, the country here is amazing and at the moment very green with lush paddocks for sheep and cattle to graze.

I also am in love with the vista's and boulders that are along the road to the beautiful village of Dalgety - the land is high enough to see snow fall and provides a blank canvas for me to start imagining my little peace of heaven.

The land here is drier than that of Avonside and water could be a problem - but I can also see my home and garden being a green oasis for family and friends to enjoy!

The dream seems more alive in this direction than any other.

I can see myself scouring the land for For Sale signs and berating local real estate agents to find me somewhere I can call home for quite a time to come!

The Snowy Mountains are beautiful and I am so happy that it will place host to my planning, building and living in MY WHITE HOMESTEAD!!

Dalgety countryside

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