Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cruden Farm

What an amazing garden - last year my husband took me to an open garden held at Cruden Farm  - for those of you who are unfamiliar with Cruden Farm, it is owned by Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.

Cruden Farm is possibly the most famous garden in Australia and the lifetime achievement of national treasure Dame Elisabeth Murdoch.

Dame Elisabeth, who came to Cruden Farm as a young bride 80 years ago, designed and planted the renowned herbaceous borders, picking garden, shrub walks and tree-shaded lawns at the heart of her sublime garden, skilfully blended with the surrounding countryside. In December the garden is filled with glorious roses and perennials, and one of Australia's most famous avenues all contribute to a place of rare beauty.

My favourite part of Cruden Farm is the lemon scented gums that line the driveway that were planted by Edna Walling - they are just stunning trees and the aroma is just delicious!

Again in December the garden will be open again to the public and I can not implore you enough to pack a picnic and drive to Langwarrin outside of Melbourne and enjoy the splendour that is Cruden Farm.

 The start of the lemon scented gums leading down from the home of Dame Elizabeth

 The Walled Garden that was planted by Edna Walling

The lawn tennis court - where's my racquet?

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