Friday, June 22, 2012

My new favourite chef is.....

Matthew Evans and for those that know - NO....he's NOT the ex boyfriend despite sharing the exact same name!!

Whilst "my" Matthew did make a mean Camembert Chicken, I wish that he had the kitchen wizardry of the other Matthew as I am currently devouring his latest cookbook I downloaded onto my iPad (which I must save for another post).

This morning I downloaded - Winter on the Farm - the whole collection and can I just say that saliva has been dribbling down my chin in the post office as I go through the collection of recipes.

Talking of recipes they appear to be simple whilst the photos show the food to be warming, filling and most importantly look delicious - I am already going to spend tomorrow making the Apple and Sour Cream slice and the Brown Sugar Hazelnut Biscuits.

After losing 12kgs after the DWTCS extravaganza I can see myself slipping into old habits very quickly when you are inspired to cook such delicious looking rich decadent food.

In my next life I would like to come back as a Masterchef and spend my days testing food out in my kitchen from which I would then write umpteenth cookbooks and make my fortune!!

Look as these images directly taken from Matthew's Book - the chef remember NOT the Ex!!

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