Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tree Lined Drive

Is there anything more grand for a country home than a tree lined driveway?

I dream of a Machurian Pear and Silver Birch drive for My White Homestead and that dream is nearing its reality.

Whilst we won't build a home on our land for quite some time, we will establish our trees and gardens to make the new build look like its been there for a while.

I've taken in a few of these images of tree lined drives to keep me inspired to dig those holes!!

DH @ Cruden Farm in 2009

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Sally-Ann @ a beautiful space said...

I love a good avenue Annie. All the one's shown are divine. We are still in Provence and the most stunning plane tree drives I've seen are here. The wider the drive the better as its always hard to imagine when the trees are little how much they will encroach over time. SA