Thursday, January 24, 2013

For the love of

Mason Jars - OMG - I love them.

This week I received my order from The Redback Trading Co and I have already filled five with herbs that are now sitting on my kitchen window sill.

The simple fact is - you can use Mason Jars for almost anything.

I love how people are turning them into lighting fixtures and hand soap dispensers, but in the latest edition of Real Living magazine uses them as a vessel to place herbs into.

So on Monday, I ventured into Cooma and bought some Rosemary, Mint, Lemon Thyme, Parsley or Oregano and place them dirt and all into the jars - they look amazing!!

So I have 7 left and I am unsure as to what I will make next with them.....I wonder if I can ask Husband to help me make a light fitting or two.......

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