Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Camping - I survived........


So it rained a bit on the coast but overall the first camp in the tent was pretty good.

We had a great spot - near the camp kitchem but a tad too far from the amenities block for those midnight toot runs and our neighbours (mostly from Victoria) were friendly and mostly quiet!!

The 3 Jack Russells had a ball - played at the beach, enjoyed their walks and seemed to get along well together in the small confines of the Tent Hilton.

On reflection I have said to Dear Husband that we need to buy a proper camping kitchen to store food and electronics to keep little ants at bay!!

So will I camp again - I expect so - as long as I have a flat camp site, access to hot and cold water and a flushing toot - you might see me at a camp ground near you soon!!

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