Friday, January 6, 2012

Building v Buying

Husband & I have already built and sold our first home that was located in the Melbourne suburb of Point Cook but I have always had my heart set on buying an old country homestead and renovating......but that all changed this morning when I came across PAAL.

PAAL is a kit home company that designs homestead style homes that will have all of the modern elements that I want without having to spend a fortune in an existing old home to make it livable.

We were recently talking to a local resident who is quite keen for us to purchase his home which is known as the "Old Parsonage" which was built in the mid 1800's but needs alot of work to bring it up to a standard of being comfortable although it is just a stunning home with heaps of established trees and gardens around it.

So PAAL has given us both food for thought - and I know that in my heart I can get a garden to grow with us and see it flourish over time.

So here is the Kit Home that I currently think will do just fine - The Camden.


Katrina from The Block said...

I'm going to take a look. Thanks for sharing :)

Annie @ My White Homestead said...

I've been checking out the home owners that have built similar style homes to the Camden and they all seem to have had a wonderful experience with the building company!! Enjoy - Annie xo

Annie@A View On Design said...

omg what a gorgeous blog annie!!! btw katrina did mine too, funny how you can pick her style! anyways, this kit home looks awesome, inside & out, which is important, a lot of the kit homes are not so good inside... and glamping - I've never heard of that, I must check into your blog more often!! I love it!