Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Warming Fires

Well there is no snow (forcast for tonight in my village) in my sight but again today is hovering around 3 degrees and we are gearing up for -6 tonight!

Snow coulds are enveloping us like a big doona - albeit dark and moody!

Small gusts of sleat are moving through town!

The wind is bitterly cold - enough to make everyone scurry from car to post office and back again!

I thought these might make me feel warmer!! And I think it worked!


Georgie said...

It's 18 outside here and I think that is cold enough! My hands are frozen and those fires are doing just the trick. gxo

Annie @ My White Homestead said...

Its snowing 5 minutes away - hopefully I can add a photo of village snow in the morning!! xo