Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tree Nursery

My mum, who lives next door to the post office, owns a HUGE back block that is hardly ever visited except for the odd mowing job or bonfire!

Whilst the block has no water it is flat and would suit my needs to create a tree nursery - this way when we build our homestead we will have established trees ready for planting when the block is bought!

So today I have been looking at wholesale plant farms and have some up with one that will suit our needs and they are delivering to the Snowy Moutains in July!! WOOHOO

I'm just about to order 20 x 1.5m silver birch!! At only $11 each thats so cheap!!

Now I just have to convince Husband to dig the holes - square of course!!


Georgie said...

What a fabo idea Annie. You're lucky to have the space! Adding established trees to your block will make an enormous difference. We are yet to plant the first tree here... yes, taking our sweet time. Must not rush these things! gxo

Annette Piper said...

We planted a couple of rows of silver birch a number of years ago and about 3 years ago only had 2 left. We transplanted them and now only have one. It's never really thrived, but I DO have a black thumb, so that might be why!