Friday, April 15, 2011

Loving Blue

Husband and I have had the same bedroom colour scheme for around 3 years now - Red & White.

This includes bringing the red and white colour scheme from our home in Point Cook to the post office residence - you think I would have changed this last year - but alas we had bigger and better things to do!

In the last week I have decided that I NOW need to have a change - it could have something to do with the changing of the seasons here - Autumn lasted 2 weeks - we are now in the depths of Winter in the Snowies and I'm not joking - WE'VE HAD SNOW FALL @ PERISHER THIS WEEK!!!

So I passed a blue and white colour scheme via Husband and he agreed - its time for a change.

I can see stripes, florals, blue and white plates on the wall, lovely white blooms next to the bed....

I'm finding inspiration from these photos....

Pictures courtesy of absolutely beautiful things blog, bedding envy, designhole online

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